Property management

Interested in renting your home out – but don’t have time to make the arrangements, or don’t feel like dealing with the financial and technical hassle? No worries! Bianca Combee can take on all your property management needs. For a fixed, all-inclusive price, we’ll be happy to handle everything on your behalf. That includes collecting and forwarding the rental fees, arranging annual rent increases indexed according to Statistics Netherlands, and arranging the rental deposit. We also handle minor and major property maintenance, deal with any complaints, arrange reminder notices if needed, and – in the worst-case scenarios – hire a bailiff to collect back rent. If you’d like to enjoy all the benefits of renting out your home, without any of the hassle, have Bianca Combee handle your property management needs

Financial management

  • We make sure the rental fees are collected on time, as well as any advance payments for utilities, etc.
  • Rent payments are transferred within 7 days of the new rental period, less the maintenance and management costs
  • We provide advice in the event of late payments and legal aid (including collection services) if necessary
  • Regular overview of income and expenses
  • Settlement of the rental deposit
  • Annual rental increases

For a full list of terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us!

Technical management

  • Professional supervision and checks on property delivery, rental changes, and maintenance
  • We handle tenant questions and any tenant complaints on the owner’s behalf
  • Any damage is reported to us, after which we immediately notify the property owner to provide advice or fix the damage if necessary
  • Issuing maintenance orders and checking up on the owner’s behalf