HOM-approved real estate agent for seniors

As the only certified Senior Real Estate Agent (Seniorkeurmakelaar®) in Amstelveen, Bianca Combee is specialized in housing for seniors. That goes beyond widening door openings or removing elevated thresholds. Unlike standard real estate agents, Bianca Combee is a certified, expert Senior Real Estate Agent with all the knowledge and experience you need to adapt your home. We know exactly what you need to continue living in your own home for as long as possible as you grow older, without making concessions on comfort or residential convenience!

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Bianca Combee is a member of Huisvesting op Maat, a national Dutch association. The participating members aim to help people on their way to a disabled-friendly, safe home environment. Would you like to continue living independently as you grow older? It may be advisable to take a critical look at your home now. As you grow older, what you want and need may change. This could include household modifications and domotics, but may also include assistance in buying or renting homes that can accommodate a live-in carer or are adjacent to a nursing home facility. Property management and care professionals combine their expertise in HOM, ensuring that you can continue your carefree existence in your own home, both now and later. For additional details, please visit www.hom.nl.